Ruby Award

2016 RUBY AWARD  winner, MAYSENG SAETERN, was the Keynote Speaker at our 94th Anniversary and Awards Luncheon on April 2, 2016.

Mayseng Saetern Mayseng Saetern was the first person hired at Asian Women’s Shelter in 1988 by the founding director, Beckie Masaki. Although many others have come and gone in the subsequent 27 years, Mayseng has stayed. She continues to be a shining light of support and inspiration for her co-workers and survivors.She was instrumental in establishing a culturally and linguistically relevant service that has served survivors of domestic violence effectively for 27 years. 


 Soroptimist International of San Francisco gives a $1000 honorarium to the winner of the  Soroptimist Ruby Award.

The award was established by Soroptimist International of the Americas in 2010 to rename and replace the "Advancing the Status of Women", "Women Helping Women", "Women of Distinction Award", and the "Making a Difference for Women Award".  

"The Soroptimist Ruby Award" is named in honor of our first Federation President Ruby Minar. The award recognizes women who have significantly aided women and/or girls, through professional or volunteer efforts.