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Georgia McHugh Scholarship Award

The following items are required and should be completed and/or attached:

1. A completed and signed application cover sheet

2. A completed application form

3. Official school transcript,

4. Student Aid Report from FAFSA or College Scholarship Service,

(complete copy, a confirmation sheet is not sufficient)

5. Parents income reported on most recent income tax filing

6. 250-word essay describing a role model in your life,

7. Three letters of recommendation from each of the following: School

principal or counselor or teacher, Community member, and One of

your choice (non-family member)

8. OPTIONAL: Any other information that would assist the Selection

Committee in understanding the applicant’s ability to complete his/her

program of study.

  • I understand that all required information must be submitted or postmarked by March 15th.

  • I am aware that if all of the above required documents are not submitted and/or postmarked to the Soroptimist International of San Francisco by March 15, my application will not be considered.


Parents income on most recent tax filing

Income filing status
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